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Neutral Buoyancy Workshop Level 2

Think you are a master of Buoyancy? Time to put it to a test! Time to master the intricacies of buoyancy to elevate your diving experience even further! If you are looking to step up into a Dive Professional level, this workshop is for you! There will be exercises that are designed to help you be one with buoyancy, to swim backwards and reverse as well as to help you fin in tight spaces.

Who is this for?

PADI®️ (Junior) Open Water Divers who are at least 10 years old or above with proper buoyancy skills*.
Perfect for those looking to become a Dive Professional.
*There will be a test for your buoyancy prior to the workshop to be eligible. You must be able to:
hover for 3 mins with less than 0.5m of movement
neutrally buoyant (with no kicking) for 3 mins with less than 0.5m of movement

What will I learn?
  • Body awareness and understanding about buoyancy
  • Ability to fine tune every little aspects of buoyancy
  • Skill to offset imbalance of weight and trim
  • Fine tune your breathing
  • Swimming backwards and in reverse
  • Intermediate level of finning methods
How long will this take?

6h of theory & pool

Where will the lessons take place?

Theory & pool session will be carried out in PJ Palms Sports Centre

How much is it?


All transactions made to Flow Dive Center are non-refundable, Terms and Conditions applies.

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