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Open Water & Advanced Open Water

Combining the first two courses – Open Water & Advanced Open Water would be the perfect choice for you if you are a beginner. Doing these two courses together, saves time and money as well as allowing you extra practice before heading home, and not diving for the next couple of months.

This package consists of both the Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses.

Who is this for?

No prior experience with scuba diving is required. Suitable for anyone 15 or above, with adequate swimming skills and in reasonable physical health. 

How long will this take?
  • 4D3N on the island
Where will the lessons take place?
  • Option of Tioman, Perhentian, Langkawi
  • Other islands available at different costs

Benefits of doing them together!

  1. More dives more experience
    • OW is only 4 dives. Usually students who only dive 4 dives, n don’t dive after might forget
    • AOW is 5 dives. So if do both together, u get 9 dives during the trip
  1. Save time
    • OW is 2 ½ in KL. 3d2n on island
    • AOW is 3d2n on island
    • if do both together it’s total 4d2n only
  1. Save money
    • individual courses are RM 1,450 and RM 1,350 (2,800)
    • but if do both together it’s only RM 2,600
    • packages with rooms is also cheaper for OW+AOW package
  1. Dive deeper and more experience
    • OW dive up to 18m only
    • AOW Dive up to 30m (usually top dive sites in the world, like Sipadan, require at least AOW)
    • experience diff type of dives – wreck dive, night dive etc
How much is it?
  • Course only: RM 2,600
  • Course with package (Tioman) : RM 4,000 (includes room, F&B and ferry)
  • Course with package (Tenggol) : RM 4,100 (includes room, F&B and ferry)*
  • Course with package (Perhentian) : RM 3,700 (includes room and ferry)
  • Course with package (Langkawi) : RM 4,000 (includes room, lunch and transport)*

*Course only option not available, must be taken with room, ferry and F&B.

Note: All transactions made to Flow Dive Center are non-refundable, Terms and Conditions applies.

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