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Chasing Highs as a Scuba Diver

Chasing Highs as a Scuba Diver

Written by Melanie Hwa 26 March 2023.

Despite the irony – scuba divers seek to go deep and low in order to chase the constant highs we get in return! But really, what are these “Highs” that we are talking about?

Personally, I’ve been diving for over 12 years (8 as a dive pro) and I would like to say that my appreciation towards diving has changed tremendously over the years. What more, as a dive pro – I’ve met many different types of divers and how they see diving is very different from me! But one constant thing that we share is that the sea is a place of refuge and it sparks endless joy (as how Marie Kondo would approve).

Some are motivated by constant self-improvement, some fueled by the need to see and make memories with nature, some simply love the company of the friendly scuba community! Now, let me put these different “Highs” into a few categories;

1. Diver Checklist
Everyone starts off with a “Diver’s checklist” – yes that’s true! Some may even have this list way before they take their Open Water licence! With tons of documentaries and friends to spread the word about the beauty of the ocean, we have loads of baby divers excited to “catch em’ all”.

a. Pelagic Checklist
All divers start off with seeking encounters with all the big pelagic creatures – namely Whale sharks, Manta Rays, Mola-Mola and many more. I mean – who wouldn’t! Being graced by their presence is certainly an experience to remember for a lifetime!

Picture by Forbes

b. Macro (Pokemon) Checklist
Some divers however are more curious about the tiny critters that live on the reef. It is easier (and more guaranteed) to spot macro critters to make your dive than to stare into the deep blue longingly for the pelagic. Though these critters are often colorful and weird looking – they often amaze and impress divers with its own characteristics and beauty.

Photo by Scubashooters

c. Dive Location Checklist
Top dive sites in the world – top names such as Raja Ampat, Maldives, Sipadan, Galapagos and the list goes on – are on every diver’s bucket list! A visit once in a lifetime is a must! Some divers view these locations as a yearly pilgrimage! Check out our dive trips this year!

Picture by Booking

2. Photographer Checklist

After diving for a few years in, you are now more comfortable with your buoyancy and you are feeling the itch to pick up a camera! DO IT! Document your dives and encounters you have underwater and share it with your loved ones!

     a. Macro (Pokemon) Checklist

Personally, when I picked up the camera, I felt that a whole new world opened up for me (once again)! I started with a simple point & shoot (TG5) and its macro lens allowed me to see and witness so many tiny little colorful critters which I wasn’t aware of! The more you go down the macro hole – the more you want to “Catch em’ all”! Come join our Macro dive trip to Semporna & Bali in November!

     b. Pelagic Checklist

After a few years of shooting macro – you will eventually seek something more challenging – to shoot a perfectly composed wide angle photo of your favorite pelagic. All photographers know that it is so much more challenging (and expensive) to take a wide-angle photo due to difference in the light and composition. So, here’s to challenging ourselves even further! Join us on our trip to Sipadan, Brunei & Bali for some pelagic action!

Photo by Nautica Diving

3. Diver Education Growth Checklist

After diving for over 12 years, I’ve met so many different types of divers. The most common I’ve seen are divers who continuously seek for self-improvement through constant education. Every different type of courses improve your knowledge and skills – exposing you to different types of diving to elevate your diving experience even!

a. Scuba Diving – Continuing Education
Once you are already an Advanced Open Water diver (insert link) – it is time for you to explore different specialties based on what you like! The common ones are the Deep, Wreck and Nitrox! These different specialties will open you up to explore further depths and different dives sites!

b. Freediving
Upon venturing into the deep blue, some divers seek to challenge themselves further with freediving. If you are ready to challenge yourself to go deeper and longer with only one breath – maybe freediving would be the sport for you!

c. Tech Diving
After diving for a while – the need for adventure and curiosity to go deeper and further is common for all. Now this is when the big guns come into the picture. Explore going deeper, trimix as well as twin tanks/ sidemount would open you up to even more adventures.

Personally, I was elated when I went to Truuk, Micronesia to explore the WW2 wrecks on my sidemount set up. Swimming through the engine room with a huge torpedo hole at the bottom (which was the cause of the sunken ship) was definitely one of the coolest things I’ve done in my life!

Photo by Sidemount Society

     d. Dive Pro

Feel like you want to step up and introduce more people to the underwater world? Feeling like it’s time for a career change? Time to become a dive pro! Equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills to ensure a safe and fun dive for all your divers! This is one of the most rewarding jobs anyone could ask for!

4. Scuba Community

The scuba community is one of the friendliest communities you can ever meet! People from all different parts of the world come together for our shared common love for the ocean. I’ve seen lasting friendships formed and love stories bloomed through scuba diving! Check out our community events that we have from time to time!

Picture by Lonely Planet





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