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City VS Island Course

City vs Island course – which is better for me?

Written by Melanie Hwa, 18 April 2023.

One of the most common questions that we get from our customers when enquiring, I would say is the age old question of –

“Should I do it a City course or just complete it directly on the Island?”

Now let me give you a very comprehensive overview about the Pros & Cons of both options and then I’ll leave the decision for you to make. J

Let’s first talk about course structure and schedule.

The PADI Open Water course is broken down into 3 segments – Theory , Confined Water & Island.

For City course, you are able to complete all the Theory & Confined Water portion (which is a big chunk) all in the city. With this, though you are essentially spending more time – you are allowing yourself the comfort of time while learning (instead of cramping all into a weekend), more room for error (if you are not comfortable in the water, you can opt for more practice sessions before going to the island), ensuring safety (you will be learning in a safe pool environment) as well as a more enjoyable holiday on the island (cause a big portion of your course has been completed!).

For Island course, be prepared for crunch time! You will have to cramp your theory, confined water and open water dives all in the short duration of 4D3N. We truly recommend considering island course only if you are comfortable in the water and have limited time to spare.

Though we provide city courses, we believe that you should decide which program is most suited to you! Here’s a quick pros & cons list to help you with your decision!

Now that you have weighed the pros & cons of a city vs island course and have decided that city course is best for you, you can click here for more information on our PADI Open Water course! We hope help get you started on your underwater journey!

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