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Dive through Flow: Maldives Central – Best of Maldives

Dive through Flow: Maldives Central – Best of Maldives

Written by Melanie Hwa, 22/12/2022.

Maldives – whenever that location comes to mind, often it evokes a feeling of awe and imagery of a paradise on earth. Well, the truth is simply just that.

Having been there before in 2015 (albeit the trip being land-based), I have fond memories of diving in Maldives. It was Mantas, sharks, dolphins and rays galore – imagine them swimming literally 2cm from me! Can you imagine how ecstatic I was when I received an invitation from Myna Tours as part of the media and dive leaders in the industry to partake on this trip as a chance for us to experience the Best of Maldives?

Diving in Maldives – What does it entail?

Maldives is a country made of 1,190 coral islands grouped in a double chain of 27 atolls situated in the Indian Ocean. These atolls are then divided into 3 segments – North, Central and South.

So what is it like diving in these 3 different Maldives locations?

Central – Best of Maldives

Known as the Best of Maldives route – be prepared to experience the best of what Maldives has to offer. From whale sharks to manta rays to schools of nurse sharks and sting rays. Be prepared to be awed and wowed.

South – Deep South

On top of what you see in Central, be prepared to see large pelagic like the tiger sharks, hammerheads, dolphins when you dive at this off beaten track dive sites.

North – Far North

Similar with its south counterpart, this off beaten track dive sites offer loads of pelagic with surprise visits from uncommon residents such as the guitar sharks, leopard sharks as well as giant travellies and mantas.

So, what is it like to dive in Maldives Central?

This was simply one of the best dive trips in my life, hands down. Given the fact that when we were there, the visibility and sea conditions were not ideal, we were very lucky to have multiple grand encounters with different sharks, rays and fishes throughout our time there!

Here’s a partial list of what we saw during our trip there in November 2022!

Hammerhead Shark
Guitar Shark
Tiger Shark
Spinner Shark
School of Grey Reef sharks
White Tip sharks
Black tip sharks
Eagle Rays
Mobula Rays
School of stingrays and marble rays
Millions of blue lined snappers
School of batfish
Ornate Ghost pipefish
Moray eels
Giant trevally
Blue fin trevally
Leafy Scorpion Fish
Yellowtail Fusiliers
All sorts of trigger fish

What would be the schedule and trip be like?

We fly in from Kuala Lumpur to Male (Maldives’ airport island) and the vessel will be awaiting us at Male. We will depart from Male towards South Ari Atoll then up towards North and then back to Male, diving at key dive sites along the way.

Check out our recent trip reel here to have a taste of what awaits you!

What’s the Accommodation as well as Food & Beverage like?

Myna is a mid-large size liveaboard with the capacity of 24 passengers onboard. With a comfortable dining and entertainment space where everyone can gather and socialize as well as a jacuzzi and sunbathing lounge chairs on the deck.

You will dive off a smaller (but still huge!) Donny where you can comfortably suit up and get ready to dive!

Full board meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) will be served once you come back from your dives. Tea, coffee and fresh water is free of charge throughout the trip. Soft drinks and alcohol are available at the bar.

Key information to note:

Currents & Drift Diving
It is recommended to have a minimum of Advanced Open Water license with 30 dives and above for this trip. Some dive sites at Maldives may have strong currents which requires us to do drift diving. It is important that you bring your own reef hook and listen to dive briefings closely to ensure that you follow the dive protocols for your safety.

Light use for Photography
Light/ strobe use is prohibited for certain dives as it may distrupt or harm the sea creatures. Pay close attention to your dive briefing.

As Maldives is a Muslim country, bringing in alcoholic beverages are restricted. Only restaurants with a liquor license is allowed to sell alcohol. Yes – don’t worry, alcohol is available for purchase on board.

It is also vital for females to dress modestly whenever visiting local villages and towns. It is acceptable to dress in swimwear whenever at resorts or LOB.

Maldives accepts USD and Maldivian Rufiyaa widely. However, any change will be returned in Rufiyaa. Do ensure that your note is in pristine condition. Any notes deemed less than pristine will not be accepted.

As you will be living on board for multiple days, it would be recommended for you to bring seasick medications as well as several over the counter medicine (such as Clarinase, Panadol, charcoal etc) to prepare you for any possible mild illness you may experience during this trip.

As the country’s main source of income lies on tourism and service, tipping is a huge culture in Maldives. Check with your group lead on what would be a suitable amount of tip for your guide, crew and team.

Temperature underwater & on surface is pretty similar as Malaysia. With UW temperature ranging from 27-29°.

We will be having a trip to Maldives Central again next December 2023! Check out the details to this trip here and BOOK NOW! Limited spots available, so don’t miss out!

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