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If you are a Malaysian, being a Scuba Diver is a must!

If you are a Malaysian, being a Scuba Diver is a Must!

Written by Melanie Hwa,26 July 2023.

Besides the fact that I grew up watching a million (no joke!) times of The Little Mermaid, I’ve always felt that we are blessed with one of the best and most beautiful islands and beaches in the world! So much so that, obtaining a scuba license was the very first thing I bought myself upon getting my first pay check!

Yes, I’ve always loved the ocean and the wonders it holds beneath the surface and I proudly say, that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. 11 years in to diving, I am still discovering new things. From swimming with the majestic whale sharks to admiring the beauty of the tiniest nudibranchs – the ocean will always hold a special place in my heart.

And this is why as a Malaysian, in conjunction of Merdeka month – I implore you to take up scuba diving and to see the beauty beneath the surface. There are just so much beauty to explore. You shouldn’t need a list of reasons to help you with this decision, but here’s one to give you the nudge should you need it anyway J

1. We have one of the best diving spots in the whole world right in our backyard!

Sipadan, Mabul, Tioman rings loud whenever we mention its name abroad. Our tropical healthy bustling reef boasts a wide variety of marine species from pelagic fishes to macro critters.

Picture by Sabah Tourism 

We are home to some of the rarest species such as the Melibe Colemani (aka the holy grail of nudibranchs) as well as the Leatherback Turtle (largest living turtle in the world)!

Picture from Petitesbullesdailleurs
Picture from WWF

Did we forget to mention the comfort of diving in our warm yet colourful vibrant reef in our tropical waters?

2. Scuba Diving in Malaysia is one of the cheapest in the world!

Though regarded as one of the more costly activities in Malaysia – we are actually one of the cheapest places to dive in the world! Yes – believe it. People often misconstrue the activity as costly simply because of the nature of the activity that requires us to travel the distance, making it a holiday. With the costs of accommodation, transport and F&B stacking up on top of diving prices – divers often feel the pinch on their wallets. But trust us when we say – all ringgit is worth it for those priceless memories you make.

Image from imgflip

3. Malaysia is at the heart of the Coral Triangle

Situated at the Coral Triangle, travelling around our neighboring countries is not only convenient but fairly affordable. Over my years of diving, I’ve met many foreigners who travel from the other side of the world (Americas & Europe) taking multiple flights and endured multiple layovers to finally get to the coral triangle, makes me grateful for being a born in this beautiful place.Image from WWF

4. Health Benefits – Cheaper than therapy!

Not only is it a great physical workout (each dive burns about 400-700 calories!), it is also a great mental therapy for divers. Most divers consider this activity to be calming and relaxing as we quieten the noise in our heads and simply focus on the only thing which matters – our breaths.

Picture from Etsy

Being surrounded by nature also has its healing powers. Another plus point – you make friendships that lasts a lifetime. Scuba diving is a great place to meet like-minded friends from all different walks of life who shares a passion for the ocean and scuba diving.

So if you haven’t gotten your licence to be a scuba diver yet, what are you waiting for? Check out our Merdeka promo this month when you sign up for your PADI Open Water course. Feel free to whatsapp us if you need more information!

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