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Snack Your Way to Your Dive Buddy’s Heart

Snack Your Way to Your Dive Buddy’s Heart ❤️

Written by Ng SinSeanne, 31/10/2022.

Being a great dive buddy doesn’t stop at ensuring each other’s safety during a dive, it’s also about taking care of their needs out of the water with the best snacks. After all, there’s a reason the saying “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach” exists.

On a more important note, snacks are actually integral in between dives. How many of you have gotten out of a dive feeling either hungry, thirsty, a little dizzy or even exhausted due to weather or challenging dive conditions.

Whether you’re doing an island trip, a one-day trip or liveaboard, having the right snacks can make the trip a lot better, safer, fun and delicious.

Here’s a tried and tested guide to snack your way to your dive buddy’s heart.

  1. The Hot Stuff
    This is a no-brainer. Keeping warm and hydrated in between dives is very important. Most dive centers and dive boats will have water, tea and coffee readily available. Take this up a notch by bringing more personalized beverage choices for yourself and your dive buddies in tea and coffee.

Writer’s Picks:  Earl Grey, Rooibos and Mint tea, and coffee drip bags

  1. The Dip ‘n’ Eat Stuff
    Next, think about the ultimate companion to the ‘Hot Stuff’. This serves as the refueling process in between dives. Add to the selection of cream crackers that are already available at dive centers or boats with cookies or cream or jelly-filled biscuits.

Writer’s Picks: Gery Coconut Cracker (this is the bomb-dot-com), stroopwafels, chocolate chip cookies


  1. The Munchy Stuff
    Now you’ve done your dives for the day, this is where the munchy stuff comes in when you socialize at night. Options are endless here and it’s really dependent on the crowd you’re with.

Writer’s Picks: Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos, Bakua (non-halal), Calbee BBQ Chips, animal shaped and goldfish crackers!

  1. The Childhood Stuff
    If you haven’t noticed already, dive trips are the perfect excuse to snack more than you usually do. Walk down memory lane with your dive buddies with snacks you grew up with.

Writer’s Picks: Pineapple Jam Biscuits, Apollo layer cakes, choki-choki. Super ring, Pikin plum candy (also handy for nausea)

  1. The Extra & Fancy Stuff
    Want to go the extra mile and show extra love to your dive buddies? Some fancy options include bread, spreads, electrolytes and protein bars.

Writer’s picks: Sourdough, instant soup packets, your favourite jams and spreads

In short, the snack options are endless, so have fun with it! Follow the guide above and you’ll be everyone’s favourite dive buddy in no time. Just make sure that when packing for a dive trip, please prioritise your dive gear before the dive snacks.

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