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Top 5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Top 5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Written by Melanie Hwa, 21/11/2022.

‘Tis the season of giving! Can you believe it? Christmas and the year end is here! It’s time for us to take a pause and spend some precious time with our loved ones. As Christmas is the season of joy, gift-giving, and of families united, the usual headache that lies in one’s head would be “What is the perfect gift for my loved ones?”

While we truly believe that the perfect gift should be a gift from the heart – a very close second, would be anything Scuba Diving related! Here are our top 5 picks of the best Christmas Gift Ideas that you should get for your loved ones!

1.Discover Scuba Diving
Do you know someone who you’ve been dying to introduce Scuba Diving to, but just couldn’t get them to commit? The Discover Scuba Diving program is the perfect gift for them! The program is suited for anyone 8 years old and above, it is only 1.5 hour in our pool here in PJ Palms Sports Center. The session consists of introducing them to Scuba Diving gears and how to use them. The best thing about this session is for them to experience feeling weightless underwater!
You’re in luck! We are having a promotion for this month! So, don’t forget to grab this chance!

2.PADI Open Water License
There is no better gift than a gift of a lifetime. Get your loved ones the PADI Open Water license! The course consists of 3 sections – theory, pool and island, with the former two being conducted in our pool in PJ first. This license is for anyone 10 years old and above with reasonable health and basic swimming ability.
Upon completion of this license, they would be able to dive anywhere in the world! And guess what? There are no renewal fees for life! Introduce them to the beautiful world beyond the surface and trust me, this is one of the best gifts anyone can give.

Check out our PADI Open Water course structure here and book now!

3. Mask, Fins & Wetsuit
One of the first things to get when you immerse yourself into the world of scuba diving would be to get your own personal mask, fins and wetsuit. These 3 are essential for two simple reasons – cleanliness and suitability. These gears are very personal to you and you should have your own! Of course, you can always rent, but it will never be as good (and clean) as your own.

Check out our December Christmas promos! We have some good sets on sale!

4. Dive Computer
We cannot stress the importance of having your own Dive Computer enough (our students and customers would know). Diving without a dive computer is very dangerous and is akin to diving blind (not knowing your depth, your bottom time and your NDL). Even though it is a big investment, it is also a very important investment.
Besides, there are a lot of dive computers in the market now which offer affordability alongside functionality that suits different needs and wants. So, don’t put off getting a dive computer!

5. Dive Trips
Now, if your loved ones have everything they need already, then the best thing to get them would be a dive trip! What better gift than to make memories together! We are blessed with lots of beautiful dive locations in Malaysia – Sipadan, Tioman, Tenggol to mention some.Also, not forgetting, the world is our oyster! With the reopening of international borders – we are super blessed to be in the center of Southeast Asia! We are literally in heart of the goldmine of the world’s best dive locations!

Be sure to check out our 2023 dive (international & local)trips and book a trip for your loved ones before the seats run out! Some of our favorite picks would be – Maldives, Anilao (for macro) and Bali!

Feel free to reach out to us if you require any further guide on these gifts and how to find the perfect one for your loved ones! You can Whatsapp us via 6012-5229257 or email us at

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