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Why you should Date a Scuba Diver

Why you should Date a Scuba Diver

Written by Urve Patel, 25 Junuary 2024.

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and all you single peeps may be thinking of that special someone to take on a date.

If you are smitten by the peaceful aura of the sea, and have a spark for adventure and travelling – you should definitely date a Scuba Diver.

Why you ask? Reasons are aplenty. Here are some of the top reasons why you should date a Scuba Diver.


Some couples alternate between destinations i.e., mountains, beaches, city breaks etc. Divers love traveling to different parts of the world to explore amazing dive sites. If you date a diver, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to visit wonderful places. There will be no room for boring moments because a diver always looks forward to a new underwater adventure. With a diver by your side, your life will always be filled with fun and excitement.


Divers have the privilege to explore the less travelled world that not everyone has the opportunity to experience. Due to that, divers develop a deep love and respect for this world. Spending time underwater opens a diver’s mind to the threats that face the marine environment and life. This kind of awakening turns them into nature advocates, with a strong sense of love for the ocean.


Communication is an important element when it comes to relationships. It’s about connecting using verbal, written, and body language to fulfil each other’s needs. Maintaining good communication enables you to express your thoughts and be more open about your feelings.

When you date a diver, communication will not be an issue. Divers are excellent communicators because they know how to express themselves through gestures; without words and limited facial expressions underwater. If divers can communicate well beneath the waves, that means they can communicate even more effectively when they are on the surface.EMBRACES THE BEAUTY OF LIFE

Divers do not take life for granted, and find pleasure in what they see around them. Whether it is swimming with a turtle or finding a colourful sea slug, a diver is always grateful for every experience. Imagine being with someone who always practice gratitude by appreciating every little thing that others may take for granted.


Sure, there’s nothing wrong with each partner having his or her own hobby, but sharing a passion strengthens any pairing. When you look back on your time together, there’s added magic to remembering that amazing sunset in Micronesia on the dive boat, or that shark dive in the Philippines.THE LIFE OF THE PARTY WITH GOOD STORIES

Divers are great to bring to dinner parties because they always have something interesting to talk about. Whether it’s interesting facts about unique marine life, travelling to exotic locations for diving, or funny stories involving other divers, you’ll never be bored when in the company of a scuba diver.


Scuba Divers are thought from the beginning to practice a buddy system. Always be on a look out for your buddy and be ready to assist – even on the smallest task. Having a good dive buddy that you can trust your life with – is also a good testament to the perfect life buddy that everyone seeks for.Wishing all of you lovebirds a lovely Valentine’s day and as for those single – remember to say yes to the next Scuba Diver that you meet!

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