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Ultra-compact and smart Inon Strobe.

The S-2000 is the world’s smallest 4AA operated underwater strobe. Weighing only 295g it is the ultimate travel-friendly strobe unit. But don’t let the diminutive size fool you. The S-2000 comes with a respectable 20 guide number output with a 110 ? circular beam. It also benefits from extremely precise automatic S-TTL mode and 12 step manual mode.

Technical specifications:
– Guide no: 20
– Beam angle: 110 ? x 110 ? with diffuser
– Colour temp: 5400K with diffuser
– Recycle time: Approx 1.5 seconds (NiMH batteries)
– Flash capacity: Up to 570 (NiHM batteries)
– Weight: 295g (air without batteries), 69g (in water with batteries)
– Dimensions: 64mm (diameter) x 106mm (length)
– Depth rated to 100m

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Main Features

■ Marvelous compact size W64×H83.1×D106.2mm ■
Best match to compact digital camera as well as to digital SLR with its mobility without feeling existence of an external strobe, unspeakable compact body size even using dual S-2000 and well-selected high performance.
INON new 『S-2000』 reverses conventional underwater strobe’s concept.

■ Not only compact strobe! ■
INON commits「to marginally downsize with no specification sacrifice」using four AA size batteries, even they are adverse on downsizing, to maintain fundamental features of strobe.
The S-2000 strobe provides extraordinary high performance almost as same as D-2000 strobe with unbelievable compact size as four battery operated strobe.
The S-2000 is equipped with time-proven high accuracy 【S-TTL auto mode】 and 【12 step Manual mode】 supporting professional shooters as well as amateurs.
※The S-2000 【S-TTL auto mode】supports fine exposure adjustment with EV Control Switch to match to your creative intent and also supports different pre-flash system with its auto switch over function.

■ Next generation wireless TTL! ■
INON has successfully developed ultra sensitive slave sensor unit with 100 times more sensitive with fourfold range comparing to D-2000 series enabling highly accurate wireless 【S-TTL auto mode】together with 『Direction Window Cap』 to effectively collect master strobe light. The 『Direction Window Cap』 eliminates blind corner making wireless 【S-TTL auto mode】 with free and creative lighting.
Existing INON optical cable connection compatible structure offers you a choice between wired connection or wireless connection with your camera system.

■ Optical cable system with unlimited expandability ■
The S-2000 is equipped with connector mount on its front side providing maximum dual strobe connection for 【S-TTL auto mode】 with optical cables. So you can add 【S-TTL auto】 strobes as much as you like as far as your camera system allows using S-TTL control signal. You can create your underwater studio with multiple S-2000 system with perfect lighting.

■ Diffuser without changing subject color ■
The S-2000 diffuser uses time-proven diffuser among professional photographers. The diffuser does not change color temperature of strobe light to maintain natural color of subject even using it for wide shot.

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