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The Mares XR product line was created to meet the needs of divers who…

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The Mares XR product line was created to meet the needs of divers who want to extend their range of diving from just beyond recreational diving to the most advanced technical dives. The new exclusive and limited production Blue Battle buoyancy compensating system, is an example of how a product designed for advanced performance can easily be used by anyone: the Blue Battle set comes fully assembled and ready to dive, making it ideal for beginning and non-technical divers. The new Blue Battle system in the XR line is also within reach for everyone, because it fits practically anyone. The harness was made to be a one size fits all, and thanks to many simple adjustments it can be adapted to different bodies while maintaining a high level of comfort during the dive. The rear buoyancy wing offers ample freedom of movement, ideal for both technical and recreational dives. Lastly, why the name Blue Battle? This set comes in an eye-catching, blue camouflage design, with the back-plate and D-rings all constructed in blue anodized aluminum, and the two blue tank strap buckles and waist buckle made in ceramic coated stainless steel. Paired with flat-head bolts in black, it is an eye catching and unique diving system. The aluminum construction also renders it extremely lightweight and easy to transport, making it perfect for travel.

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