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Becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Diver – even during the monsoon!

Article by Urve Patel. 24 Sept 2022.

Throughout our life, we will pick up many activities and hobbies. Some of these activities eventually become ‘lifetime sports’ – activities that can be enjoyed at any time of our lives.

One such lifetime activity is Scuba Diving. Though the starting point for most would be the same, as you progress further, your passion, knowledge and experience may lead you to different pathways of adventure. Every adventure and encounter you have is personal to you and only you. And this is what makes Scuba Diving such a robust and amazing sport!

So why should you take up Scuba Diving?

There are many reasons to learn and get certified in Scuba Diving:
“Do you love the ocean? Do you like being in the water? Do you like exploring a whole new world? Do you like meeting new people? Do you like to encounter and observe the amazing sea life? Or, do you want to become physically and mentally healthier?”

If the answer to any of these questions is YES!, then you should consider Scuba Diving as your new lifetime sport.

How do I get started?

Just like driving a car or a motorcycle, you need a license to dive. You would not take a car on the road if do not have the proper training, likewise for Scuba Diving. Every activity has its inherent dangers, but if you have the proper education and training, you can reduce the risks substantially. But unlike driving a car or a motorcycle, you don’t have to navigate through rush hour! Instead a scuba certification opens up a whole new world of sea life, wrecks, reefs, caverns, and like-minded people! There is a whole list of certifications that PADI offers but if you are new, let’s get started with the PADI Open Water Diver.

PADI Open Water Diver Course – What does it entail?

PADI Open Water Diver (OW) certification is one of the more popular beginner courses in the world. Anyone over the age of 10 years can qualify for the PADI Junior OW course (which can be upgraded to the full OW license when they reach 15 years of age).

You are required to be healthy and to have basic swimming ability to enrol in this course. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to swim! We have a swim and dive package as well! You will be provided with some swimming classes prior to the start of your course to ensure that you gain water confidence and basic swimming skills to help you be more comfortable in the water. Check out our Swim & Dive Packages here.

Step 1 – Theory (in PJ)

You will be given the materials for studying – manual & video prior to your Theory class. You will have to self-study and complete all the knowledge developments which includes learning the basic principles of diving, scuba diving gear, physiological effects of scuba diving. Then you will attend a theory class (via online in PJ) to discuss and go through the answers with our instructors and then you will have to complete the quiz and exams.

You also have an option to complete this portion via PADI e-learning with an additional RM50. You will get to complete this at your own pace and a short tutorial session will be provided, if you require.

Step 2 – Pool (in PJ)

You will be taught Scuba Diving skills in our pool in PJ prior to your trip in the island. Learning the skills in confined water first ensures that you are learning in a controlled and safe environment. This gives you much confidence to explore and learn comfortably. During this session, you will be developing basic scuba skills (24 in total) in a pool.

Should you require more time to perfect your skills, you can also opt for more pool sessions prior to the island. This truly makes a difference for students who are uncomfortable in the water.

Step 3 – Island

Once you are ready, then this is where the fun begins! Your Open Water dives! Open Water dives is where you apply skills learned during the confined water session, while exploring the underwater world. There will be 4 open water dives where you will start off in shallower and safer dive sites and progressively go into deeper waters.

Why should you complete opt for a Half PJ – Half Island course?

  1. Flexibility to learn at your own pace

Doing half the course (theory & pool) in PJ would give you the opportunity to learning the basic skills during the weekends prior to the island allows more flexibility to learn at your own pace

  1. Comfort & Safety of learning in the Pool

Getting introduced to scuba diving in a confined and safe environment before the ocean boosts confidence and encourage learning in comfort.

  1. Enjoy your Island Holiday!

Not having to spend time reading manuals and doing exams on you island holiday is also another reason to start your course in the local pool!

But it’s monsoon! Can I still get my licence?

Yes of course! With Flow Dive Center, you can complete your course all year-round! While the option of completing your course in Peninsular Malaysia is between the months of March and October, we offer options to complete your OW certification in East Malaysia from November to February.

And from this November onwards – your certifications will be completed in the beautiful island of Semporna. One of the best dive locations in Malaysia, rest assured that you would be learning in a safe environment, whilst be pampered with fine white sand banks and turquoise blue waters! Be prepared to see huge green turtles laying around on the seabed while be amazed by the intricate smaller macro life teaming with beautiful coral reefs!

Not sure if you want to sign up for the OW course yet? No worries!

Try the Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) Experience!

The DSD is a 1.5 hour experience program, conducted in our pool in PJ. This is not a certification course, but an experience program designed to give you a taste of what it is like to Scuba dive. You will experience breathing under water, be taught a few skills and experience swimming weightlessly underwater. Check out our DSD Experience here.

So don’t let monsoon hinder your desire to take up scuba diving. It is not too late to check off Scuba Diving off your bucket list for this year! Drop us a message if you wish to speak to us for more information!

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