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Urval Patel (Divemaster)

Urval (‘Urve’) was not a born thalassophile – strange for someone who grew up on an island (British Isle)! He came to Malaysia in 2015 to take up a senior lecturer position at Heriot-Watt University, teaching Geology. However, a snorkelling trip to Pulau Payar in 2017 changed his life forever! The sea has cast its spell upon seeing baby sharks, stingrays, clown fish, and turtles on the trip. He soon obtained his open and advanced open water licenses in the same year. Since then, he has become a qualified Divemaster with over 200 dives and is currently working on his technical and scuba instructor qualification.

As a geologist, Urve is also passionate about educating the community about the negative impact that society can have on the shallow marine ecosystem. In 2018, he led a Heriot-Watt University funded trip to Pulau Tenggol to raise awareness about the effects of scuba diving to the environment and to establish the island’s first coral restoration project. He is passionate about the environment and is happy to chat with you on all matters related to scuba diving! You can often find him at the dive center during the weekends – or in a local ale bar in PJ and KL (he is an avid ale connoisseur)!

Diving experience: 4 years (>200 dives)

Languages: English

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