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Written by AnneReena 28 December 2022.

The change in calendar is known to be a great time to refresh on what life looks like and think about “new” New Year’s resolutions to adopt. Don’t know where to start? Flow Dive Center is ready to guide you through what is practically achievable in 2023. We hope to add a bright spot to your diving journey this year!

Resolution #1 Getting a new Scuba Certification

Trying new experiences and gaining a new skill is a great way to make sure you’re challenging yourself each year, and most importantly, you’ll have fun! Take up specialty courses to increase your diving knowledge and self-confidence underwater. Resolution #2 Perfect my buoyancy

Buoyancy is an area of diving that individuals can always improve! You can learn how to fine tune your buoyancy to make your diving experience even better with the Neutral Buoyancy Workshop! There will be exercises that are designed to perfect your buoyancy, fine tune your kicking style and to enable you to swim with maximum efficiency. 

Resolution #3 Experience an environment educational program — Project Aware (Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility and Education)

Be part of a global initiative to address environmental issues, be involved in solutions and how to sustainably interact with the oceans and aquatic life. As divers, the ocean is our playground, and it is our duty to keep our playground clean and safe for all. At Flow Dive Center we offer Dive Against Debris & Shark Conservation

Resolution #4 Be part of a Dive Community

Build your village. It is important to surround yourself with people who are like minded. Join the Flow family’s community events such as our social nights and workshops. Keep a close eye on our next community events and come make a few new friends!Or you can enjoy attractive discounts and privileges when you grow in your scuba diving journey with us! Be Our Member Today! Drop us an email at or Click here now!

Resolution #5 Dive at your dream dive destination!

The Earth is made of 71% water and it is simply too boring to just explore above the surface! Explore below the surface both locally and internationally! Experience the wonders and the majesticness of the sea creatures and coral reefs the world has to offer! We will be having a lot of dive trips next year, so come and create memories to last a lifetime with us! Check out our dive trips here!

So, you have your 2023 resolutions ready? Why don’t you chat us up (6012.5229257 or and see how we can help you tick it off your bucket list! 

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